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Nilkanthdham is an eye-catching, fantabulous and spectacular temple.

At the same time, It is oozing with spirituality and divine vibes all in the air. Divinity, spirituality and purity of nature help one identify one’s own self and experience bliss of soul. This has been the prime opinion from most visitors that self-realisation was not afar when they approached the place. In the lap of nature, far away from concrete jungles(cities), situated at the bank of Narmada providing more than a kilometer of straight riverbank to the campus, Neelkanthdham will help you know your original state. Our interests lie in sheer devotion. Practicing unprecedented devotion towards the eternally divine feet of Shree Neelkanth Prabhu (Bhagwan Swaminarayan) is our life and breath.The temple itself is a marvelous piece of sculptural art. Every single stone is an attention grabber here. The scenery amidst which the temple is situated is magnificent. Holy waters of river Narmada, labyrinths of mountains, varieties of flora and fauna, lush and green gardens, hills and valleys, grassy grounds, fragrant flowering plants and what not! We possess 105 acres of ambiance that can effortlessly mesmerize you. Furthermore, We have a variety of recreational activity points. Gigantic Sahajanand universe( Magnificent Cultural Exhibition), Swimming pool, Nauka-vihar, Audio-visual 3D show, Enjoy park enriching with thrilling rides and many more are our major tourist-attractions. 

We heartily welcome you to come and experience heavenly pleasures. Things end, but experiences last forever! That is why your visit to Neelkanth Dham will transform your life through divine experiences.