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Scheduled Tribe Upliftment

We help those children whom no one really takes care of. Unprivileged and  needy kids are given a helping hand to be uplifted to a new height. Free Hostel facility is being offered to tribal children. Interior remote villages have , frequently, been being visited by saints of our organization and promoted to have hand in hand with societal modernization. The children are provided free accomodation and study expenses with healthy and hygienic food. Their school and tuition fees are, likewise, paid by the institute. They are motivated for extra-curricular activities and have expert-lectures in various fields. Since 2007, privileges of our humanitarian services have been achieved by many children. 

Medical Services ( Mobile Van )

“Bhavyam Dineshu Vatsalam”

Lord Swaminarayan commanded in the holy-script “Shikshapatri” to serve the deceased. Following his word-map, we constantly serve ill and needy at no-charge at all. Our medical-van goes for medical-visits in nearby villages to serve patients. Check-ups and supply of medications is free of cost as more and more Tof people are benefited by our service. We organize several blood-camps through the year.


“Bahuratna Vasundhara”
The world is full of gems. The same applies to even spirituality. There are lot many spiritual aspirants whose only goal is to meet God. Many of them come to circumabulate the most holy river Narmada. The Narmada-Parikrama is almost 13000 kms large. We offer free food and clothes(Sadavrat) to the circumambulators of Narmada.