Abhishek is a very ancient tradition. It consists of pouring water or milk etc. over the head of Parmatma, demi-gods, guru or the king. The ritual is accompanied by chanting of mantras. It shows reverence or respect on the part of the person making the offering.


Some of these old traditions have gone out of use or have undergone a change. But Pu. Dharmavallabhswami has revived this tradition in our mandirs.


When Bhagwan Swaminarayan was given the reins of the Sampraday, Ramanand Swami performed Abhishek by pouring water over Maharaj’s head to show his position as the head.

You may be wondering as to when this ancient practice was first mentioned. Abhishek was first mentioned in the Rig Veda, which is the oldest Aryan text in the world. Later, it finds mention in Upanishads, Ramayan, Mahabharat, etc.

In ancient India the king was believed to be a viceroy of God on earth.  At the time of his coronation, this ritual used to be performed by Brahmin priests.

We at Neelkanthdham perform an exceedingly grand abhishek before every  sun-rise. The sole sentiment which drives our unceasing devotion and unflinching faith is the well-being of the whole world. For the betterment of the people, we anoint Neelkanth Prabhu with Panchamrut which is considered to be the most pious offering to the God. It consists five basic ingredients, namely- milk, powdered sugar, curd, ghee,and honey. Along with panchamrut, 5 types of Chadan-lap , 108 litres of milk, 108 varieties of herbs, sacred soil of seven pilgrimage places, 9 varieties of fruit juices and Kesarjal(saffron water) are the sacred offering that will anoint Varni Prabhu in daily Abhishek.


The Abhishekam is worth watching as across the length and breadth of the world, this is the only place where such a grand devotion is offered ritualistically and on a daily basis. The offerings of Abhishek are in great variety and that makes it colourful and mesmerising to sight. Having darshan of Abhishek is no less than a pure meditation as it allures all of your tendencies at a time.


Once watched, ever carved in heart.


It starts around quarter to six early in the morning, It seems to be quite early. But, that atmosphere of first light in Neelkanthdham is beyond heavenly. Divinity oozes in all the directions, serenity surrounds from the sky and earth, bliss and peace experienced here at dawn is all heart-melting. That is the reason why even affluent people prefer to have night-stay here. Having halted at night, one can have a mesmerising, scenic beauty of colourful lighting of the temple.


Pu. Gurumaharaj blesses that, “ By offering Abhishek with heartfelt devotion and faith, one will be blessed with all the inner wishes get fructified and peace of the heart.


A noticeable number of people sponsor the Abhishek on a variety of occasions, such as birthday, marriage anniversary, death-anniversary, etc.


The sponsors have an extra advantage of Kalash-poojan before Abhishek. It works in both modes, offline and online.(pic)


Even devotees or visitors are privileged to be part of Abhishek by Charan-Abhishek.(pics)