The campus is adorned with beautiful, engrossing, and message-giving statues. Carved in various stones and metal, all sculptures look eye-catching to visitors. Many snap photographs for later remembrance. We depicted many of Lord Neelkanth Prabhu and all of his incarnations in statues. Lords divine pastimes are too carved in fibers and stones. Decked by lights, sounds and fountain-water, they add cherry on the cake to Neelkanth Dham campus.
Bhagwan Swaminarayan drawn by ferocious lions –sih jeva krur manso ne control krya Lord Ram with bow-arrow position, pleasing devotees—beyond bounds, worldly ties, Maryada Purushhotam, safety in Maryada Lord Krishna, surrounded by swans looks gorgeous (photos for all three)–short description msswami asking all statue description…..Sudarshan Chakra…lives for others,Duryodhan lives for self, Yudhisthir for family……
Kaliya daman- Gopi talav
(in Thematic garden statues should be added )
Sant ashram and samarpit bhuvan–dhan stri na tyagi almost 30 saints resides and volunteers as well who serve for no charge–where to take?