Vachnamrut Shibir

Vachnamrut Shibir was organized to flourish Ekantik Dharma within devotees. Seeing their deservability, More than 200 selected devotees across the Gujrat took part in the event. Scholar saints namely, Pu. Chaitanyaswaroopswami, Pu. Viraktjivanswami, Pu. Dharmanandanswami had given electrifying and knowledgeable discourses. At the end of the every session, Hon. Sadguru Shree Dharmavallabhdasjiswami bestowed blessings and clarified spiritual questions asked by the audience. Samuh Pankti was conducted where pious saints themselves served mahaprasad to devotees. The participants had an opportunity to have a narmada snan and Gaumukh snan. There was a collective dandvat and pradakshina of the temple by all devotees. Purushottam Prakash anusthan, 251 food-items Kavad Thal, collective prayer for peace in the world, and 251 kgs of rose-petal abhishek were major attractions of the event.